Anailytica is a deep tech, university spin-off that sits at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and engineering applications. It is only just recently that AI has advanced to the point that it is starting to disrupt a wide range of industries. However, there is still a missing link between AI and engineer systems. Anailytica is that missing link.  We have developed a platform that integrates AI and complex engineering problems.  This covers everything from design optimization and quality control to time and space forecasting to real time control and autonomy solutions.  Our goal is to increase efficiency and information while driving down costs for our clients.

Phillip Rosenberg


An experienced & driven entrepreneur with an economics degree from Princeton University.

Dr. Ehsan Kharazmi

(Senior ML Engineer)

A mechanical engineer, applied mathematician, ML scientist and former postdoc at Brown University.

Prof. Ares Rosakis

A mechanics and reliability expert and the Theodore Von Karman Professor of Aeronautics, and Mechanical Engineering at Caltech. He is a former Dean of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Caltech. He is a member of both the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Subra Suresh

A material scientist, bio-medical engineer, multiple industry leader and the current president of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He is former director of the US National Science Foundation. He is a member of all three branches (NAE, NAS, NAM) of the National Academies.

Prof. G. Karniadakis

An applied mathematician, fluid mechanician and expert in the field of scientific  machine learning. He is the Charles Pitts Robinson & Palmer Barstow Professor of Applied Mathematics and Engineering at Brown University. His group pioneered the concept of “physics-informed machine learning”.

Prof. Javier Llorca

A materials scientist and the Scientific Director & Founder of IMDEA Materials Institute and the head of the research group on “Advanced Structural Materials & Nanomaterials” at Polytechnic University of Madrid in Spain. He is also a Fellow of the European Mechanics Society and of the Materials Research Society.